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Ethan Blecher Braves a Bully by Chris Pedersen

Ethan Blecher Braves a Bully

In Book 1 of the Ethan Blecher early reader series, Ethan finds himself the focus of a bully in his new school. His parents decide to send him to spring camp hoping he’ll make some friends, but the outlook turns terrifying when his nemesis shows up.

After many frustrating months using other tools, I was able to use Vellum to complete the formatting for my book in one day!

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Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

It is a tale of ghosts, of madness, of revenge – of old alliances giving way to new intrigues. Denmark is changing, shaking off its medieval past. Shakespeare reimagined for the 21st century from the acclaimed audiobook narrated by Richard Armitage.

Without Vellum we could never have published Hamlet so quickly or easily. It really is the closest ePub’s got to WYSIWIG — digital book publishing without the hassle.

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